prevail on e-Version in case of any deviations. 1. The e-Version incorporates all the amendments in the Patents Act, and the Patent Rules. An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to patents. Be it enacted by Parliament in the Twenty first Year of the Republic of India as follows: CHAPTER I . “invention”, “discovery” and “improvement” respectively shall mean any manner of new manufacture or new mode of manufacture the subject of Letters Patent.

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    Patent Act 1970 Pdf

    THE PATENT ACT Section 25(1) read with Rule IN THE MATTER OF: Patent Application No. /DELNP/ IN The Matter of. THE PATENTS ACT, (39 of ) as amended by. THE PATENTS ( AMENDMENT) ACT, (15 of ). (with effect from ). &. The philosophy of India's Patents Act of varies enormously from the framework being .. /issues/08/ visited on

    This page has been validated. Service of notions, etc. Security for costs If any party by whom notice of any opposition is given under this Act or by whom application is made to the Controller for the grant of a licence under a patent neither resides nor carries on business in India,the Controller may require him to give security for the costs of the proceedings, and in default of such security being given may treat the opposition or application as abandoned. Transmission of orders of courts to Controller 1 Every order of the High Court on a petition for revocation, including orders granting certificates of validity of any claim, shall be transmitted by the High Court to the Controller who shall cause an entry thereof and reference thereto to be made in the register. Transmission of copies of specification, etc. Information relating to patents A person making a request to the Controller in the prescribed manner for information relating to any such matters as may be prescribed as respects any patent specified in the request or as respects any application for a patent so specified shall be entitled, subject to the payment of the prescribed fee, to have information supplied to him accordingly. Loss or destruction of patents If a patent is lost or destroyed, or its non-production is accounted for to the satisfaction of the Controller, the Controller may at any time, on application made in the prescribed manner and on payment of the prescribed fee, cause a duplicate thereof to be sealed and delivered to the applicant. Reports of Controller to be placed before Parliament The Central Government shall cause to be placed before both Houses of Parliament once a year a report respecting the execution of this Act by or under the Controller. Patent to bind Government Subject to the other provisions contained in this Act, a patent shall have to all intents the like effect as against Government as it has against any person.

    The Indian Patent Law provides sufficient powers to the Controller of Patents to issue compulsory licenses to deal situations that warrant intervention. Two sections directly address the requirement of essential drugs for domestic use and countries which do not have the manufacturing capacity for these drugs.

    Section 84 mandates prevent the abuse of patent as a monopoly and facilitate manufacturing of invention by any interested person. The grounds broadly could be: i reasonable requirements of the public with reference to patented invention are not met; ii the patented invention was not available to public at an affordable price; and iii patent is not worked in the territory of India to the fullest extent that is reasonably practicable. Sorafenib can extend the life of kidney cancer patients by years and in liver cancer patients by months.

    The order also makes it mandatory for Natco to supply the drug free of cost to at least needy and deserving patients per year. This clarity should help India to make use of the safeguards available to limit the impact of the patent barriers towards promoting affordable health care.

    The uninterrupted supply of generic drugs from India has played a key role in lowering the price of essential drugs for poor both in India as well as many developing countries. It is also hoped that discussions as these will facilitate formulation of a cohesive policy. The significant participation of the civil society groups in the ongoing battle has been very important and such a pressure must be maintained. A robust legally enforceable mechanism is important as with time the effectiveness of CL is likely to be blunted and it is only competition among generic suppliers that would help India keep the supply channels of cheap medicines to poor countries open.

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    Section 52 1 q of the Indian Copyright Act, allows for the reproduction or publication of- any matter which has been published in any Official Gazette except an Act of a Legislature; any Act of a Legislature subject to the condition that such Act is reproduced or published together with any commentary thereon or any other original matter; the report of any committee, commission, council, board or other like body appointed by the government if such report has been laid on the Table of the Legislature, unless the reproduction or publication of such report is prohibited by the government; any judgement or order of a court, Tribunal or other judicial authority, unless the reproduction or publication of such judgement or order is prohibited by the court, the Tribunal or other judicial authority, as the case may be.

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